Spring is upon us and soon the summer heat will be here! Many women get geared up for the summer shoe season by getting their nails done at the salon. It is hard to pass up the pampering and relaxation that a pedicure can offer, but there are a few things you should know before you go. If you have issues with your toenails it is usually one of two very common problems: ingrown nails or fungus. There are many different ways for people to develop these problems, and one of those ways is by getting a pedicure at the salon.

    Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, often shows up as a green yellow discoloration on the toenails. It can then cause the nail to become thickened, brittle and break or separate from the nail bed. Sometimes, the growth of the nail can be affected and the nail will grow in many different directions. The fungus that affects toenails is very common and we all come into contact with it frequently. Certain health problems can make a person more prone to becoming infected by this fungus. Some of those concerns include diabetes, poor blood flow and a weak immune system.

    Because nail fungus is so common, there is a very high probability that your local salons have been infected. There are a few tricks to making sure that your salon keeps that fungus away from you.

  • First, make sure the tools that are being used on you have been thoroughly cleaned and that all debris has been removed from them. It might be worth your while to bring in your own tools!
  • Second, beware of the foot tubs that have jets. Although they feel great, fungus can get trapped in the vents even with proper cleanings. Use a footbath that has no moving parts or vents where fungus can become trapped and grow.
  • Finally, although deals and coupons are great, it might not be worth saving a few dollars to end up with a fungal infection. Shop around, but remember there could be long-term consequences from your choice of a nail salon.

    At Foot Care Associates P.C. our foot specialists are trained to treat fungal infections of the toenails and feet. If you have discolored, thickened or painful toenails, come by one of our offices in Hackettstown, Landing, Washington or Blairstown, New Jersey. We will get your feet in shape for the shoes you’ve been waiting to bring out all year.

By Kyle Alessi