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    For those of us watching the 2013 March Madness Louisville vs. Duke basketball game a couple weeks ago, it is hard not to wonder if the same thing can happen to you. Louisville player Kevin Ware jumped up to block a 3-point shot and when he landed on his right leg the tibia and fibula snapped leaving Kevin, and all who watched, in shock. There has been a lot of speculation about how and why this injury happened to a well-trained athlete performing a routine play that had been done thousands of times before. One of the more prevalent ideas suggests that simple stress fractures could have left the tibia weak enough to fracture under the stresses involved in that jump and landing.  

     Stress fractures are a common and often misdiagnosed problem affecting millions of people every day. For those of us not in peak physical condition, stress fractures can occur from a simple exercise routine that we are not used to. One of the most common places in the body to get a stress fracture is in the long bones of the foot called the metatarsals. Jumping, running, kicking and many other routine activities can put enough stress through these bones to cause mini fractures, or breakdown in the bone, that we call stress fractures.

    The main problem with stress fractures is that they are often misdiagnosed or go unnoticed until a bigger problem arises like a true fracture.  Our foot specialists here at Foot Care Associates, P.C., such as Dr. Fawaz Nesheiwat, are trained to identify and treat stress fractures of the foot. If you are experiencing pain, redness or swelling in the foot, come visit our offices in Washington, Landing, Blairstown and Hackettstown, NJ so that you can receive prompt treatment and peace of mind.

    We congratulate the Louisville Cardinals on their championship win and wish Kevin Ware a speedy recovery. Although the severity of Kevin’s injuries are extremely rare, with proper care and treatment even these types of injuries can be treated and life can be lived to its fullest. Don’t let stress fractures slow you down or keep you from enjoying your favorite activities. Come see us in Washington, NJ today!

By Fawaz Nesheiwat