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By Fawaz Nesheiwat
September 20, 2013
Category: Pain

We have all heard the fairy tale about the frog turning into a prince after being kissed by the princess. There is also an old wise tale that claims touching a frog or toad will give you warts. So the question now is whether the princess regretted kissing the frog or not. She got her prince, but being that warts can spread, did she sacrifice her beautiful face, hands, or even feet to do so?

Warts are an infected lumpy cauliflower growth on the skin, caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This virus is highly contagiousand some are more susceptible to the infection than others: Children and individuals with weak immune systems. Warts tend to grow in areas that have the most pressure, like the bottom of our feet, which can be very painful.  The most common locations to find warts are on:

  • Feet
  • Hands
  • But they can be found anywhere, eek!

It is difficult for the body to fight this so called virus because warts only grow in the outermost layer of skin. There are very few cells and antibodies to fight the infection on the skins outer layer which is why the body can’t easily get to the infection that is causing the warts.

Treating warts has been done for thousands of years with various approaches, remedies, and cures.  At Foot Care Associates P.C.Dr. Giuliana, Dr. Mullen, Dr. Nesheiwat, and Dr. Alessi make sure the right treatment is given to each and every patient.

Treatment options include:

  • Time: Most warts will resolve on their own as the bodies immune system finds, recognizes and kills the infection.
  • Topical medications:  Are used to kill the infected tissue and if used repeatedly can eventually get to the bottom of the wart and kill all the infected cells.
  • Also:  Warts can be frozen, burned or surgically removed but only by the proper professional.

Foot Care Associates P.C.offers multiple treatment options for those potentially painful, pesky warts that have been hanging around too long.  We have four convenient locations in Northern New Jersey: Hackettstown,Landing, Washington, and Blairstown, to get you treated and protect your prince or princess at home. For more information, please contact us.

By Fawaz Nesheiwat