Dear Dr. Nesheiwat,

I want to thank you for treating me so well. May God richly bless you and your practice!



Finally, a doctor who understands being poor, uninsured and unable to take time off or breaks during a minimum-wage standing job - and understands that people are humans with real issues, not an ID number on a form that they don't have to listen to. Excellent service, no wait time, totally understood my issues, actually had a personality and sense of humor, and helped in just one visit. I would recommend Dr. Nesheiwat to anyone and everyone who needs a podiatrist! Thank you so much for a great experience! Hopefully I won't NEED many future visits, but I'm definitely a lifelong patient after just one visit!  



First off, I hate going to the doctor. That said? Dr. Nesheiwat and the staff were fantastic. I was in big-time pain yesterday, and after my visit? It was like a miracle. I KID YOU NOT. And I am not prone to making nice-nice on Facebook. NO MORE limping about like I was walking on thumbtacks. My right foot feels great now. He (and staff) really took the time to listen to my 'issues' and Dr. Nesheiwat took care of me and told me what to do to keep my feet feeling this good all the time. I kid you not. It's like they gave me a new set of wheels! I can't say enough about this place, and the quality care and attention I received.



Good Afternoon Dr. N,

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you!  For the last 2 years you have been very helpful and always go above and beyond.  This is very hard to find nowadays!

I appreciate everything you have done!  See you next week.  Thanks again!

Enjoy your day,

Dawn S.


Dr. Nesheiwat, my name is Robin H, I have diabetes type one for 45 years now, exercise at curves four times a week, and am basically in good health. Well, about four months ago, my right toe nail fell off, and you assisted the left since it was also falling off in coming off. You told me that I would probably grow normal nails, after having thick fungus nails for approximately 25 years. Surprise! Slowly but surely they are growing in naturally. You were referred to me by Carol D. and I don’t know who to kiss first? You are always available by phone for any problems, quickly I may add, and appointments shortly also. The only thing to match your medical skills is your calming, reassuring attitude. What a nice, warm, reassuring, charming young gentleman you are. I have been to a handful of podiatrists, and you certainly seem to be the smartest. Post this if you want, but remember, it is all true! Thank you for your special care and keep doing it, my nails look great! Regards, Robin H. 8/5/11


Doc N- thank you so much for taking excellent care of Glenn and I. Your office is run beautifully and everyone is very kind. – Jill O.  8/8/12




Dear Dr. Nesheiwat, Thank you for operating on my foot and taking good care of it. I am relieved that my friends and siblings won’t be able to make fun of the lump on my foot anymore. – Glenn O.  8/15/12


Dr.N, After I got home yesterday I went for a 2 mile walk. I can't thank you enough for your excellent efforts on my behalf. I am really stunned at how well my foot feels and how easy it is for me to walk. Not at all like my first experience. -Judy D.  8/22/12